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Area Trails Current Conditions Information

Postby Mnason » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:46 am

Hello all,
Please see the below announcement from Urban Trail Company regarding recent changes to the area trail status system. The previous methods to check statuses are still intact.

Note: Urban Trail Company will now own the trail statuses going forward. This change is a good thing as it provides additional features and reaches more people to "protect the trails".
Urban Trail Co.
August 11 at 11:45pm
Urban Trail Co. is changing the way we update trail conditions for the Kansas City area trail systems we manage as well as for a few slightly out of town trails managed by fellow trail organizations.

We're really excited about these changes. The new system greatly increases our efficiency and allows us to reach many more trail users. Please, spread the word!

Do you get your trail updates through Twitter @KCTrailsStatus? Nothing will change there. However, we have added more ways to get current conditions. Pick what's easiest for you!
  • For the best way to check trails status, download the "RainoutLine com 2017" app on the Play Store or the App Store. In the app, search for Urban Trail Co and add us to your favorites. You'll have super fast access to the latest trail condition posts.
  • Look up trail conditions on
  • For some trails that have Facebook pages, latest conditions for that trail will be automatically posted there.
  • Call the hotline at (913) 204-0204
  • You can still get conditions through Twitter look us up @KCTrailsStatus
  • Need an easy to remember URL? will redirect you to the Urban Trail Co web site.
  • And finally you can check the list via the web site. Here, you can also set up your text or email notifications for individual trails.
If you are involved with a trail system and have contributed to updating its status and would like to continue, please stay tuned. We'll be rolling out information soon about how you can sign up to volunteer with trail status updates.

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