Important Website and Forum News *Forum users please read*

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Important Website and Forum News *Forum users please read*

Postby Mnason » Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:21 pm

Hello EarthRiders,
We have some news that is exciting however means major changes to

We have decided to launch a new website and have selected a different host to carry out the job. This requires major changes to our hosting services. Please read the below:

  • We are moving away from our current hosting provider. Our current hosting has higher cost overhead and dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting is a nice perk, but we do not need this level of hosting for our web needs
  • We want to give the website a refreshed look with our newish logos/branding
  • We need an easier way to maintain the website that doesn’t require someone with coding abilities to make minor updates
  • We want to move to a CMS type of system to make updates easier for less technical users. Think Squarespace or WordPress
  • We’re expecting the new site to launch mid November 2018

We are eliminating our forums. We must do this to make the jump to a different hosting provider less complex. We understand this is not going to be popular with some users that do not have Facebook accounts and/or users that have been on the forums for a long time. The truth is forum activity has nearly become nil.

We are suggesting that if there is anything you value you on the ER forums to read the below.

  1. Save a copy what you care about offline. We will loose easy access to the forums
  2. If this announcement highly bothers you and you are a current Supporting EarthRiders member, please tell us your thoughts by visiting our “Contact Us” page at
  3. Per #2, if interest is high enough to bring a forum option back, we might be able to explore options after the initial go-live

Again, we expect this change to happen mid November 2018 and the forums will be discontinued.

Thank you,
--ER Board

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