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Non-emergency phone number

Postby Cairns » Tue Oct 30, 2007 1:38 pm

The County has a non-emergency phone number you can call to be connected to a Johnson County Sheriff dispatcher that dispatches all calls for the park police. This number is now posted on most of the kiosks but please put it into the contacts on your phone.

913 782-0720

Do not use this number for emergencies, DIAL 911!

This number is to be used to report crimes in the park, specifically for our needs it can be used to report someone using closed trails or damaging the trails. Please use common sense when calling the park police and when speaking with anyone that you suspect is breaking the law. Confronting these people will only scare them off and prevent the police from issuing a warning or a citation.

What this number is not to be used for:
    Medical (or other) emergencies - Call 911
    Requesting that that the gates be opened/closed.
    Reporting horse manure on the trail.
    Reporting trees down or any other maintenance issues (unless it presents an immediate, dangerous situation).
    General bitchiness.
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