Sally has been to Kill Creek too

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Sally has been to Kill Creek too

Postby Olathejoe » Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:38 am

Since it was brought up in the Burp section I guess this is as good of a time to bring it up here too.

Someone went to a fair amount of trouble to create a line around one of the tougher sections on Eddy (big rock steps). Looked to me like everything was done by hand, raked and brush removed etc.. I'm not sorry to say that I removed this alternate line last night. I also removed the plaque from the difficult steps, and removed the plaque from the large log at the bottom of the hill on the Eddy loop.

If you can't ride a particular section, keep trying. Or walk your bike through it. But please don't create any alternate lines. Eddy was designed to be a difficult and challenging trail and we'd really like it to stay that way.
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