Current trail update as of March 24th?

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Current trail update as of March 24th?

Postby Adrenaline Images » Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:36 am

Just curious to see if Chowder is worth hauling up to ride next weekend. Anybody got any current trail conditions?

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Re: Current trail update as of March 24th?

Postby fox_boy » Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:46 pm

Minor Crowder update for thos interested parties.
I made it out this afternoon for a few hours and there is both good news and bad. First I rode ALL of Tall Oak trail and in the bone yard (the bottom ground on the northern face) it is very soft but no rutting, with a few sections that are definately wet (and I dismounted and carried my bike around them 8) ) The rocky sections are great though, but like I said a little soft, need some good riders to compact them I think. :D I rode the steep connecting trail at the Thompson intersection (clockwise) to the south loop and it was great, but the bad news is the south thompson loop between the other connecting trail was very wet so I rolled down to the other connecting trail and rode back out - it is also in good shape. The River Fork trail was pretty dry on the Southern face also, but I wiped out on the first laddered descent (I think its called the stairway to he@@) the clay was slick, and so I chickened out and walked down. The northern face also is quite soft but firm, could use a few days of sunshine and wind and it will be GREAT!! Lets hope the wet stuff holds off for about a month huh!
PS. Poosey from the boat ramp to the archery range is in pretty good shape too. The conservation department is working to replace the concrete handicap parking next to the bathrooms, but the trails is open. There are some logs down though. If anyone gets to the upper sections let me know how much trail damage is back there- the ice and floods were hard on us up here.
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