Crowder Trail Conditions

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Crowder Trail Conditions

Postby Doug Long » Thu May 01, 2008 6:08 am

Currently, Tall Oaks, River Forks Trail, Connectors, and the "Short Thompson-between Northwest passage and Steep Creek) are clear of debris with some active weeps.

Riders should be prepared to be totally shocked when they cross the "connector hub" on the Tall Oaks. Grundy electric did their 20 year "free cut" of all the trees along their power line. It is a total "eye sore" and will take some time to "ride in" the tread where they took their bulldozer through. Be prepared to also see the powerline cut they did right through the middle of the park. My take is that the ice storm we had in the region during the winter made all this "powerline" clearing a priority.

I know trees grow back, but it was a real shock for my system. I haven't been able to get to the North Thompson. We've had the river out of the banks a couple of times this year so my guess is it is currently covered in flood debris and logs. I'll be getting up there next week and will report on conditions.

Indian Creek Update: I've cleared the trails of debris from 510 access road all the way up to gravel parking lot #17. All the creeks are running full so plan on getting wet. One of the creek crossings has "rerouted the gravel and created a hole." Will be a "swimming hole" for the rider not paying attention.

I'm talking with the current land manager about trail additions. We'll be adding trail. It's just a slow process.

More later.


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