Come up and ride!

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Come up and ride!

Postby Doug Long » Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:39 am

Thanks to the Green Hills Trail Association and a massive work weekend, Crowder is back to it's old glory and ready for some knobby tire fun!

Tall Oaks and River Forks are primo-weed whacked and trimmed with great site lines for speed.
Northwest Passage and Steep Creek connectors are also primo and ready for some bike traffic to get thme burned in for RIM.
South Thompson is clear of logs and some reroutes have been built to by pass bogs. All 3.6 miles of trail have been weed whacked and trimmed and crossings armored. Some horse stomp that we are running over with a trail motorcyle to take out the hoof damage. Just needs riders to ride it in to past glory!
North Thompson-Don't bother. The horses have destroyed it and we don't even go over there anymore.

While your in the area, check out Indian Creek just 10 miles south of Crowder in the Poosey Conservation Area.
Go to the Green Hills Trail Association website for more details and map:

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