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Postby Muther » Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:38 pm

Man, I got out of work late, hit Stocks at 7:30pm, missed most of the Monday nght crowd, but what a ride!!!

It was like rining in air conditioning! In JULY! The trails were perfect, hard pack, fast, and with just enough scree to make the corners fun. No spiders, dabbed once, going clockwise, at the little riser that goes up aound the big fallen tree, and over the log/root. My flow was flowing, I was "rding like water", absolutely perfect ride. The only ting that coulda made it any perfecter would have been seeing a nude photo shoot out by the pond (saw that last year, forgot to turn and rode into the trees).

Perfect, perfect perfect ride. I love Stocks, it is sooooooo twisty turny perfecty flowy perfection.

Clay should hire himself out to desing Mountain bike trails.
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Re: Perfect

Postby Hermanator » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:53 am

You're not kidding, I was out there Wednesday and perfect is definitely the word for it. I think the rain we got last night was just enough to keep the dust down for a day or two, I'm hoping to get out for a couple laps tomorrow morning. Been getting a lot of miles in there this summer, the heat has been kind compared to last year. Need to try and make a monday group ride.

I feel your pain on the root obstacle there! It gets me every time: the turn right before hand that slows me down, and my weighted ass seals the deal for needing to step over it. Also, CW where that recently cut stump is, the tree across the trail from the stump (used to be a skinny passage) is becoming more and more friendly with my right shoulder as I lean through that turn. I might have to tackle it at speed and see if I can win the battle for good.


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