Oak Mountain, Alabama

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Oak Mountain, Alabama

Postby razrgator » Mon May 30, 2016 2:47 pm

Yup. Just in the airport heading back from Oak Mountain, just outside Birmingham, AL. Took Ground Control I and II with Lon Cullen at Further Your Ride. Both days saw some of the trails. Stayed an extra day to get a ride with Lon and he was kind enough to shuttle me so I could get the most out of the gravity...I'm not proud, trails have been wet in KC for 2 months and there is serious climbing here (that I wasn't quite ready for).

This would be a great place to come to ride in winter. There is some fastfun gravity fed stuff (like Lightning https://youtu.be/bqswXAai-uQ ) that made my butt pucker...it is sooo fast. Also good technical stuff and plenty of it from Blood Rock to the Boulder Ridge trails. Hyde and Jekyll contrast each other with Hyde having a lot of technical stuff that is steeper than anything in KC but not really harder, contrast with Jekyll that is like the most amazing magic carpet ride of swoopteedoos that never seem to end. I've never heard my freewheel spin for that long without stopping. Lots of up and overs on Thunder, woohoo style. Rattlesnake Ridge and the Lake trail are pleasant warmup trails, nothing technical about them but pleasant and flowy. Most trails drain well, so they don't seem to close for rain except in the most extreme conditions.

Nuts and bolts...I'm sure Lon would be glad to help with logistics, guiding and coaching if you so desire. I recommend him, and if he can't help you, well EVERYBODY here knows Lon and he can hook you up with somebody to help you out while you are here. Bike Link rented me a really nice Pivot (full suspension with dropper) for not a whole lot. You want to stay at the Sleep Inn in Pelham, it is under a hundy, clean and pleasant and puts out a breakfast so you can have a waffle and score a couple of bananas for the day. People smoke in the Hooters and Appleby's (i know go figure) but in 2 Pesos no smoking and the food is good, service is good. There are several food options walking distance from the Sleep Inn. The airport is less than an hour from Pelham (the town by the trailheads) and the Sleep Inn I mentioned is less than 10 minutes from the park.

I fully plan to spend the summer practicing the skills Lon taught me this weekend and come back in the winter to ride these trails again. It is a pleasure. but next time I will train harder for more climbing. Who knew there was climbing in AL? But I guess this is the foothills of the Appalachians.

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Re: Oak Mountain, Alabama

Postby Somefearinhere » Tue May 31, 2016 5:57 am

Great report.!!!!

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