Anyone ridden in Santa Cruz, CA area?

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Anyone ridden in Santa Cruz, CA area?

Postby Hawkgx » Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:32 pm

Taking a bit of a flyer posting on here, but since my post on forum got no responses I figured I'd at least try the local forum.

Getting ready to spend a few days in Santa Cruz and will be renting factory demo bikes from Santa Cruz HQ (and possibly from Ibis HQ as well). As the missus will be riding with me, we'll be sticking to tame (beginner) trails. Just wondering if anyone here had spent time riding trails in the Santa Cruz area and could offer info about the trails and the area in general. I know we'll be riding in Wilder Ranch State Park, as it's supposedly a fairly short ride up there to get into the trail system.

I've reserved an SC 5010 and a Hightower 27.5+ from the factory and will hopefully get to trade off a bit with the wife to sample both bikes. Might possibly be able to demo an Ibis Ripley as well. I'm hoping there's at least a little bit of trail that'll allow me to push these bikes slightly to see what they can do.

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Re: Anyone ridden in Santa Cruz, CA area?

Postby Mark342 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:51 am

Wilder is definitely where you should go for more beginner friendly trails. Enchanted Loop is probably the best section there, though the rooty drops could be a little much for some. It's not a very long section though.

Demo Forest is where the more popular (legal) trail is at. Beginners might be able to handle the Flow Trail well enough since it's super smooth, just maybe a little steep in some spots, but not too bad. Braille and Sawpit are pretty rough and really steep. Get ready for a shit ton of climbing if you plan on riding here.

The stuff Santa Cruz is really known for is actually illegal to ride on...but it's more or less accepted. They just have to occasionally hand out a fine in order to keep domain over the land or whatever. There's a system of access roads north of UCSC that may or may not have some really good single track throughout. Most of it is pretty tough though.

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