Ashville, NC Area - Pisgah / Dupont

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Ashville, NC Area - Pisgah / Dupont

Postby Sasquatch1413 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:29 am

Few weeks back, rode Asheville, NC for a few days. Hit Pisgah and Dupont, here's the highlights. This was only scratching the surface of Pisgah, so much trail out there. Stop in a bike shop and they'll give you recommendations. Soils in Asheville are very sandy so they handle rain very well. We rode the next day after a decent shower that evening, no problemo.

Pisgah - awesome old school MTB trails, stupid fire road climbs, amazing fast/rough descents. Trails listed below where in Pisgah.
Black Mountain - awesome trail but we didn't ride a center section of it due to being hogged out.
Bennet Gap - must hit kickass downhill.
Squirrel Gap/Mullinax - Good old school MTB trails, squirrel gap had some cool rocky/rooty stuff, Mullinax a tough climb but fun to go down.

Dupont - decent new school MTB trails, most are machine built uber flowy. A few old school gems but mostly newer trail similar to Back 40 in arkansas but with longer desents. Trails listed below where in Dupont.
Burnt Mountain - old school MTB gnarly DH with steep rock sections and lots of rocks/roots. Awesome DH.
Cedar Rock/Big Rock - very cool trail with a decent climb that is mostly smooth granite trail, almost like a steep granite sidewalk. Cedar Rock and Big Rock are the DH lines. Both are good, Big Rock has some bigger obstacles. Ride both. This is a much hit loop with an aweomse view at the top of the climb. Noe of this is newer machine built.
Hooker Creek - fun fast DH, super flowy, no rock, machine built.
Ridgeline - fun fast DH, probably the best section of machine built trail. Lots of little jumps and berms.
My what big wheels you have.

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