Requesting a guide for Roanoke Park trails

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Re: Requesting a guide for Roanoke Park trails

Postby ScottL » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:24 pm

shoffner wrote:Like I said last night, the private property sign is just a deterrent for urban camping folks, the meadow is open for use, although it's flat and through a field....nothing special :)

Glad you enjoyed yourself - that Layover is a tricky sumbitch :twisted:

The field to the north on private property is labelled "The Meadow" on google, which I like. I call it the hidden meadow as it is really tucked away, which makes it cool. It makes for a nice addition to me. As we did last night, and I almost always climb out of the meadow to 34th, the dead end off W. Coleman Road: ... 3&t=m&z=17

That is a nice little challenging rocky climb out and drop back in. Also, below that spot is an old quarry road(I believe) that drops down to the buildings below. There is a big downed tree right now, but going down there you'll find a cool camp fire pit area, I would usually drop down there and circle it and climb back out. From that bottom up to 34th and W.Coleman Rd is about 70ft climb. I usually do that on my run since I can slip by that downed tree.

Also, general info, there will be a connector off the north switch back on Layover down to Kold Kar by the bluff, there is a rogue line dropping straight down right now which is not what was intended. Once that is done that very difficult lower part of that switchback will then be a Y intersection allowing different combinations of loops between Kold Kar and Layover.

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