A trip to St. Joe..

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A trip to St. Joe..

Postby beflict_19 » Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:51 pm

I thought I would do a quick write up on the weekend of biking in St Joe from someone who grew up here and initially learned to ride on 'old krug' and sunbridge in the 2003-2006-ish time zone. I tried to bring my bike back with me at least 2-3 times a season since I'm in town visiting a lot anyway but my bike doesn't seem to make it back with me that often. Its probably been 2 or 3 years since my last St Joe ride.

Corby North(CN):
The last time I rode CN we generally used it as a nice little 10-15 minute warm-up ride before heading to the 'scout' trails or south. It looked pretty familiar until I got towards the end, or what I thought was the end. I remember there was this nice, longer, rooty descent with a hard left at the bottom and shortly after that it dumped you out under a bridge and that was the end. I was surprised to find that is no longer the case, now the top of that rooty descent starts a great new section that we basically ran wide open on. It include a nice berm for that hard left I mentioned before, some short steep sections that you can kinda hop down with a good preload and a tunnel(I hope I was supposed to take that pipe/tunnel)....Who has ever ridden a tunnel on a mountain bike trail? Well they have one, and its pretty awesome. I also noticed some added log pile obstacles that are a nice touch. Overall the new section is FAST and a great time!

Girl Scout(GS):
GS reminds me of Wyco with some more climbing. Its a nice length(4 miles I think) of just up and down buff and flowing single track. This was probably my least familiar trail in St Joe, so I might have missed improvements. I felt like there were some minor route changes on the back half (maybe?) and a really nice jump with a line around if your not having a good day. Some nicely placed roots you can use to pop up off the ground are good for some added fun as well.

Brownie Scout(BS):
Last time I rode in town they were just really working on this trail and it was still pretty rough. Well it has very much matured now and is probably pushing to be my new favorite non-krug trail in town. I just wish there was more of it! (I can see that you are low on space though). Its a reasonably quick trail that feels a little bit tighter to me, this trail finally throws in some rocks as well to make sure you are paying attention. It also has this large rock (chest high maybe?) near the start that looks like your supposed to ride up on but you can't see anything but a drop on the other side....well it turns out there is a ladder bridge down, that dumps your right into a log pile. I haven't ridden anything quite like it before, creative!

Corby South(CS):
This has traditionally been my favorite non-krug trail in town. I love the part of the trail near the end that hugs against a hill on one side and the pond on the other, where a mistake could send you into the pond if your not careful! This trail is also home to what I think is the widest ladder bridge I have ever seen and another near by that's at kind of banked to help carry you through the turn. There are more log piles around here including one big one with no line around. One thing I do want to report is that there is a huge tree(maybe 2 trees?) down leading right up to the big log pile. I couldn't even go over or under these trees, I had to hike around. There is also one not too far before that you can easily slip under. It looks like a pretty big job on the tree closer to the logpile, it might take a team.There is also a pretty good amount of climbing here, especially in the beginning so be ready for it.

And Finally....

Krug Park:
I don't know that I can really give this a fair review due to my nostalgia from first learning to ride here....and the fact that it was transformed into 'new krug' (late 2000's early 2010's I think?) and actually rides like one long trail, instead of group of a bunch of short ones you just build your ride from. If your used to riding SMP, BRP, WyCo, Kill Creek, Swope, or maybe even landahl you will probably not be prepared for the amount and the steepness of the climbs you are going to be riding. Its around 8 miles of constant climbing and descending...not much flat riding. I suggest not burning up the first 1 or 2 because you will have plenty more opportunities. If your a racer that wants to test your fitness come run a couple laps and you will probably have a pretty good idea where you stand. There is climbing here of all grades, with or without switchbacks, roots...whatever. However, what goes up must come down...and it does...aggressively(or maybe we should have been braking more). While there is no dedicated 'landahl-ish' style jump line here (although there is plenty of elevation is someone wanted one....) there are a lot of little jump like things dug down into the ground that give you a pretty good pop if you carry some speed into them.

I think what I was most amazed with was with all the time that has passed I still involuntarily unclipped/dab'd in a couple spots that I had some pretty hard slams at all that time ago. The rooted curved downhill leading up to the new bridge/reroute around the old broken bridge was one of them...I still remember hitting a root wrong on the curve and going over the bars and down into the stream/ditch....

The only overall comment I would say I have is great job guys! They are a lot of fun and quite a bit different from what people riding around KC will be used to I think. One that I was really overall impressed with was how well groomed it all was. I never had a worry about being near any poison ivy or brushing something and getting a tick. Its really cut back off the trails.

If I had to suggest someone making a trip I would say don't miss Krug, then brownie and girl scout are pretty close, and then both Corby's are not much farther. Maybe work your way in that order as time allows.

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Re: A trip to St. Joe..

Postby Smooth&Flowey » Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:05 pm

I'm happy enough just to have you riding up here, but your review of our trails is GREATLY appreciated. It's good for others to get the perspective of someone who doesn't currently live here. Thanks for your positive comments about the condition of Krug. It's kinda become my adopted baby since June. I've put hours in at Corby North & South and some at Kessler, but Krug is my passion. As I mentioned in the St. Jo group ride thread, I appreciate the heads up on the trees at South. Since I have been busy with a reroute at Krug, a couple volunteers stepped up and got them cleared!

The tunnel on Corby North was absolutely part of the trail. When the city destroyed half of the trail, when they expanded the paved path system, funds were allocated to the MTB trail and the tunnel was the main outcome of that. Sounds like you may have missed the small bit of the end. It still ends at the bridge like before. After going through the tunnel, and a little more singletrack, it pops out at the paved path and parallels it for a couple hundred feet before going back into the trees toward the bridge where it ends.

I hope you remember to bring your bike up the next time you visit. We'll have a small change at Krug past the new bridge. And we have a few more acres to play with around Shooting Range that we're going to start scouting soon.
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